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A Word to the Shorn

One of the most significant experiences in the life of a sheep is in springtime when they need to be shorn. A word of encouragement to those enduring a long season of shearing. We look at a sheep shearing festival in the life of of King David. I Samuel 25:7

A Word to the Shorn I & II

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i Call You Friends
I Call You Friends


John 15. A paradigm shift, when something radically happens in your view…Jesus call us "friends.


The Beauty of Safety

All of our lives are a search for safety in people, places and things. We have legitimate needs. Sometimes we meet them in illegitimate ways, but all of our hungers are reducible to safety. Psalm 61:1, 3.

2 part series:
The Beauty of Safety


Memory and Hope

Memory is a valuable asset in our walk with God.  Throughout scripture whenever ‘hope’ is mentioned, it is usually found in tandem with an exercise of memory.  Our very capacity to ‘hope’ for anything is predicated upon our ability to ‘recall’ an actual experience of divine intervention.  Memory gives us a ground for hope.  We hope now because we remember ‘then.’  We remember ‘the days of old’ (Deuteronomy 32:7; Psalm 143:5).  We remember ‘His works’ (I Chronicles 16:12; Psalm 105:5).  We remember “His mercies” (Psalm 25:7).

God’s past deliverances remembered equal hope!  The ‘stars’ above Abram’s head, the ‘sand’ beneath his feet, the later circumcision of his flesh, all would serve as perpetual reminders  ‘prodding’ Abram daily to memory and hope!  Eventually his ‘prophetic memory’ would become so strong that the scriptures say of its exercise: 

“…against hope (he) believed in hope that he might become the father of many nations according to that which was spoken, ‘so shall thy seed be’.”  (Romans 4:18).

Abram’s ‘memory,’ would be severely tested when a ‘twenty year curtain’ of barrenness descended upon him.  It is at this point that his tardemah of divine destiny was given.



Fire – Needs That Are Met Only Through Abstinence

Some needs can only be met by not engaging them at all.  The imagery of fire is unique in all of the above types of need.  Fire singes all that comes near it, consuming all combustibles in its path.  Fire I take to be the universal symbol of  lust: the fire, which is never put out but is only enlarged through indulgence.  The fires of lust, in any form, can only be conquered by never engaging them to begin with, i.e. total abstinence!

For instance, the heroin addict with ten years sobriety can never again be a ‘recreational’ heroin user.  To touch such a powerful drug would be to feed the flames of lust all over again!  The only way to beat such an opponent is to never get into the ring with him at all.

Is your present need able to be met only in the world to come?  If so, then this is a grave need. 

Can your present need be met by a single instance of Grace?  If so, then this is a barren womb need.

Does your current need require an Inundation of many instances of Grace?  If so, then yours is a dry earth need.

Is your most current longing demanding some form of addictive indulgence? If so this is a fire need.

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