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A Word to the Shorn

One of the most significant experiences in the life of a sheep is in springtime when they need to be shorn. A word of encouragement to those enduring a long season of shearing. We look at a sheep shearing festival in the life of of King David. I Samuel 25:7

A Word to the Shorn I & II

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i Call You Friends
I Call You Friends


John 15. A paradigm shift, when something radically happens in your view…Jesus call us "friends.


The Beauty of Safety

All of our lives are a search for safety in people, places and things. We have legitimate needs. Sometimes we meet them in illegitimate ways, but all of our hungers are reducible to safety. Psalm 61:1, 3.

2 part series:
The Beauty of Safety


Turn North

xxxxxDeuteronomy 2:3 says, You have circled this mountain long enough, now turn north. This passage speaks a word of release to all of us who have suffered from any form of long term circularity. In Deuteronomy 2:3 our 'past experiences' are wrapped up in the word circled while our 'future experiences' are contained in two words turn north. So often our growth can be hindered and our enthusiasm for God's work dampened due to seemingly endless seasons of circularity, monotony or just plain sameness.

Three facts emerge from this text:

1. All of us have mountains to compass.
2. All of us must equally obey divinely appointed seasons of circularity.
3. Only God in His Sovereign Will can decide when a divinely appointed season of circularity is finished.


Test#1 The Giving Test
Are you a giver or a taker? There are only two kinds of people in the world relative to giving. You are either contributing to peoples’ lives through Giving in word thought or deed or you are taking. If you are leaving behind a daily legacy of unbroken acts of “Giving” Then congratulations you are a kingdom success right here right now! It’s that simple. What will people say about you when you’re gone? Will it be said in spite of all you did or didn’t have, all you could or couldn’t achieve-What a Giver they were!

Test #2 The Edification Test
There are only two kinds of people in the world relative to Edification. Your direct influence upon others either “Builds them up” or “tears them down”. Do those who live around you perceive you as a “builder” or a “destroyer” Some people in life are destructive “death stars” which orbit a room siphoning off all life and energy in seconds? What is being said right now about you? If you’re a “Builder” edifying others in word thought and deed then once again congratulations you are a kingdom success now!

Test#3 The Solution/Problem Test
Were almost done. Test number three involves our final two questions Am I a part of the “Problem” or part of the “Solution”. Are you perceived as being part of the problem in most of life’s situations? Do most fingers point in your direction when things start going south? Or…. are you the positive solution oriented person committed always to  “Fixing the problem” rather than “Fixing the blame.” Well what do you think. Are You a true success?

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