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A Word to the Shorn

One of the most significant experiences in the life of a sheep is in springtime when they need to be shorn. A word of encouragement to those enduring a long season of shearing. We look at a sheep shearing festival in the life of of King David. I Samuel 25:7

A Word to the Shorn I & II

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i Call You Friends
I Call You Friends


John 15. A paradigm shift, when something radically happens in your view…Jesus call us "friends.


The Beauty of Safety

All of our lives are a search for safety in people, places and things. We have legitimate needs. Sometimes we meet them in illegitimate ways, but all of our hungers are reducible to safety. Psalm 61:1, 3.

2 part series:
The Beauty of Safety


Are You a True Success?

Knowledge makes people arrogant, but love builds them up.
I Corinthians 8:1

Are you a true success? The answer to that question will depend upon the standard you use in measuring yourself. God’s standard or the Worlds! If we use God’s standard we’ll notice that God cares about “What we are” while the World cares only about “What we have.” Salvation comes only through God’s grace in Jesus Christ but there are three easily discernable ways by which we can assess whether or not even as a Christians we are headed in the direction of Kingdom success!


SHEEP GATE Nehemiah 3: 1
Located on the northeast section of the city. The restoration included everyone. Beginning first with the Sheep gate and moving counterclockwise all the gates of the city were restored. Each signifies elements of restoration for Gods leaders people and church. The Sheep Gate underscores Gods’ love and primary care for his sheep. Building a protective wall for them and securing true shepherds to care for them.
Broken sheep gates mean hungry thirsty lost and untended sheep.

FISH GATE Nehemiah 3:3 II Chronicles 33:14
Focuses on the fish yet to be caught. A broken fish gate equals despising Gods call to fish for men and evangelize the world. The church isn’t to be an “exclusive” membership but an “inclusive” one. We are not to be self-absorbed and self-centered self-serving social club. We are rather to be persevering, patient and stubborn in catching Gods’ fish. We are to open to all types God is bringing. Fish rarely jump in the boat gutting themselves in mid air. We are saved to serve. To comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.

OLD GATE.Nehemiah 3:Proverbs 22: 28, Proverbs 23:10, Psalms 11:3
We value ancient truth and hold it’s standard. We are anchored to the rock but are geared to the times. Our Methods change but our message remains the same. We can’t tell it like it is unless we tell it like it was. Jeremiah 6:16

VALLEY GATE Nehemiah 3; 13
The valley gate reminds us that the valley experiences in life are essential to our walk. We all want the mountaintops all the time. Most succulent fruit grows in the valley. We are immature superficial and shallow when we don’t go through the valley. Without the valley Gate the refuse gate (The next gate) would be unnecessary. For the valley reveals what is in us for cleansing.

REFUSE GATE Nehemiah 3:14
Underscores our need to eat the hay and spit out the sticks. Our need to reject all that corrupts pollutes and compromises Gods work’s broken refuse (or Dung) Gates invite all unholy, wrong and dark things.

FOUNTAIN GATE Nehemiah 3:15
This gate signifies that God alone is our fountain and source of supply versus any other stream the world would offer to meet our needs. This fifth gate represents the gate that if in ill repair will cause the people to seek refreshment elsewhere in the cotton candy factories of the world. Rats die stuffed and bloated with malnutrition when fed on unwholesome bread.

WATER GATE Nehemiah 3:26
The only gate that didn’t need repair. Nehemiah 8:1-6 In front of this gate for the first time in 70 years God’s people hear the word of God in a public square. This gate represents the importance of knowing keeping and teaching the pure unfettered unlimited uncompromising word of God. No true restoration is complete without it.

HORSE GATE Nehemiah 3:28
The horse reminds us that we are called to be strong in fighting spiritual battles Job 39; 19-25.we are to mighty strong and courageous with the attributes of war horses that don’t shy at anything. We become mighty in spiritual warfare. Warhorses take 15 years to train in discipline.

EAST GATE Nehemiah 3:29.
Ezekiel 43:1-2 the east gate reminds us to be mindful of the lord’s return as at any moment. To inspire our people with a living hope of Christ’s consummation of history. We belong to God’s multi generational work, which will conclude at his return.

This gate of examination reminds us that God will hold his people responsible for their actions Romans 14:12.We will all endure the judgment seat of Christ. Not a judgment “for sin” but for “works done in the flesh” and the motives behind them.

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