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A Word to the Shorn

One of the most significant experiences in the life of a sheep is in springtime when they need to be shorn. A word of encouragement to those enduring a long season of shearing. We look at a sheep shearing festival in the life of of King David. I Samuel 25:7

A Word to the Shorn I & II

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i Call You Friends
I Call You Friends


John 15. A paradigm shift, when something radically happens in your view…Jesus call us "friends.


The Beauty of Safety

All of our lives are a search for safety in people, places and things. We have legitimate needs. Sometimes we meet them in illegitimate ways, but all of our hungers are reducible to safety. Psalm 61:1, 3.

2 part series:
The Beauty of Safety


Turn Aside

“I will turn aside and see this great sight.” Exodus 3:3

Moses was a man of many passions. He was so sympathetic to the needs of his people that he spent his powers killing an Egyptian then burying him in the sand. (Exhausting work!) Yet this was not the kind of power God wanted Moses to represent.

R.H. Strachan used to say, “There is a spiritual power which blazes and burns, yet does not exhaust itself.” We along with Moses will have to “turn aside” if we wish to see “the great sight” that will transform our idea of power. The burning bush was ablaze yet unconsumed. Can this be said of the way we are burning?


Israel's Fear of the North

Did you know that the very thought of turning north put great fear into the hearts of the children of Israel? Perhaps a brief examination of the Hebrew word translated 'north' as well as the concept that direction held for them will explain why.

The Hebrew word translated 'north' is saphon. It means hidden or secret. This speaks to us as it did to the children of Israel of the 'mysterious' as it relates to God's dealings and our destinies. Another reasons 'north' was feared was because it was from the north that all of the sudden incursions of the enemy came. The Babylonians, Assyrians, etc., all approached God's people from that 'hidden' and 'remote' area known as saphon - the 'north.'

Yet another reason for trepidation was that in Satan's strategies throughout scripture, the false God Baal, and other pagan Gods were worshipped on the 'summit of Saphon,' (high places in the north). In fact, Baal was said to call the regions of the north 'the mountain of my portion.' Another reason for fear can be found in a different Hebrew word translated 'north' in Job 37:9, the word meant scattering,' speaking of the cold north wind that came scattering all the clouds before it in great power.

Our Fear of the North

I believe the Lord is calling all of his childen to prepare themselves for new endings, as well as new beginnings, for new challenges as well as great victories. All of these blessings, however, will be found only as we turn north. But there is something in all of us that fears turning north.

1. The north represents to us the hidden, secret, mysterious or scary places in God.

2. The enemy has tried to block this ground so often by continuously claiming the northerly direction as his own.

3. Perhaps on a more positive note, the powerful winds that proceed from the north equal an awesome display of power that not only scatters clouds, but also changes the temperature and atmosphere in our lives both suddenly and drastically. Yet, God still says, "It's time to turn north.'

Turning north may involve hard fighting, but it also promises great victories. Be encouraged for each mountain (or molehill) we've been circling brings us nearer to the end of them. The emblem of all life in Christ is to be a spiral and never a circle.

It is my prayer that all of us will rather hear a word of comfort and release. You've circled this mountain long enough, now turn north...Let's take our destiny 'due north' with the confidence and passion of Caleb and Joshua who declared of their promised land...

'Let us go up at once and possess it for we are well able to overcome it...Neither fear ye the people of the land for they are bread for us, their defense is departed from them and the Lord is with us, fear them not.' (Numbers 13:30; 14:9)

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